August 2018 Family Round Up

This is the first of our round-ups, so we don’t completely know what we are doing yet. It could change in the future! If this is the first time you have heard of us read our story.

This month has been a busy month, even if the website still looks a little bare. We actually started the site this month, and we are still learning the ropes on how to do this whole site and content creation thing! We also had a holiday planned, a weekend away right in the middle of the month, so wasn’t able to go out and review somewhere then.

As we have just started we are very excited about Family Friendly Essex and hope to continue to the reviews of local attractions in and around Essex. As a family we would be attending these attractions anyway, so why not review them for the benefit of other families looking for a great day out.  We hope it helps, and even if it doesn’t it’s nice for us to look back on in the future. It would be amazing to get your feedback on the work we are doing, and recommendations for places to visit in the future. Please do get in touch either by Facebook, Twitter or using our contact page.

Attractions Visited August 2018

This month we have still been able to visit a few attractions in and around Essex. We think this has been a great start. Here we will summarise the places we have been, as well as pick our favourite. You can also browse everywhere we visited, or posted in August here!

IWM Duxford

Duxford Museum was a fantastic day out. It must be our favourite of the month. There is just so much to do there, could easily take up two days let alone one. Read the full review.

Was a fantastic day. Will be going back again soon.

Some of the exhibits are IWM Duxford are just mind-blowing. I love aircraft, and when I saw a Eurofighter Typhoon my jaw dropped. To add to this, there is also a Concorde in the main hanger. So being able to see the Concorde is amazing, then finding out that you are able to go on board! 

Food at Duxford is yummy and well priced and would recommend eating at the Workshop restaurant. However, if it’s a nice day out, get your lunch to take away and sit by the airfield. You can see planes come and go from the runway, sometimes you will see the legendary Supermarine Spitfire!

Tiptree Jam Farm and Museum

Some of my jams come from Tiptree, they have to be my favourite. Tiptree jam is world famous. It’s known for quality, the company even has a royal seal. This means that they can supply the royal family with jam. Now! That has to be saying something! I’m not aware of other jam producers having this status. But when buying jam, this isn’t something I look for.

Cream Tea and a Tractor Ride, what more is there to love.

I have always known that Tiptree farm was in Essex. But I never knew that they had a tea room, museum and tour. Having found this out, it was added to the list of places to go. Becky and I love a cream tea, so Tiptree got bumped to the top of the list. We ended up going the first available weekend.

I would definitely go again. Not for the museum, as we have done that once, and don’t think much would have changed in the coming years. I would go back to the shop, there are items you can not buy elsewhere, and the tea room, because of all the cake! Then there is the tractor ride, and we all love a tractor ride! Read our review of this lovely day out.

Pets Corner Harlow

Pets Corner is a great place to visit close to Harlow Town Centre. It’s free and has all the facilities needed for a family day out nearby. It’s completely run by volunteers and paid for by the local council.

Very local to us. Ben loves Pets Corner we go regularly.

Located on the edge of Harlow Town Park which is also a nice place to visit on a sunny day. It has plenty to offer for children for a few hours. With easy parking and multiple places to get some lunch, I would recommend that you visit Pets Corner Harlow. You can read our full in-depth review here.

London Wing Fest

London Wing Fest was really a day out for Becky and I. We just happened to take Ben along with us for the day.

I think it’s important as parents that we get to go to places that we would have done before having a child.

That being said, it just so happened that the entire venue was really family friendly and had many facilities for us.

Good food and great company make for a fantastic day.

So London Wing Fest isn’t going to be top of the list for a family day out. The main audience is adults who like to eat chicken wings. I fit into that target audience, and really enjoyed the day. So if like me you like me you enjoy eating your weight in chicken and spending good time with friends, then read our full review here. Hopefully, we will see you there next year.

Weekend Away Devon

One of the weekends we were not able to go out and find an attraction to review in Essex. We went on a well-deserved break to Devon, with the added benefit of seeing Becky’s grandmother. It was the first time she got to see Benjamin, so was an extra special trip.

We have been planning a trip down to Devon for a while, but we have always been busy, and the long distance was an issue. So I took some time off work either side of the weekend to allow for as much time away as possible.

We had a great time while in Devon. Ben got to spend some quality time with his grandmother, and we all went out on nice days out.


On Saturday, we went to Dartmouth. We travelled there by train. This was loads of fun as it’s a preserved railway line. It doesn’t take very long to get there and the trains are rather frequent, probably more so than back home.

The train line passes by the house we were staying in, so we got fantastic views of the trains as they passed. There was even a whistle sign by the house, meaning that the trains had to blow their whistle every time they passed. It was fantastic, I love steam trains, so this didn’t bother me in the slightest. I think a steam train whistle is a great alarm clock!


We decided to have a nice quiet day in the town we were staying in. Oh forgot to mention we were stating at Becky’s Grandmothers in a town called Paignton. It’s a lovely seaside town, with beautiful beaches, nice places to eat and some amusements to enjoy.

Ben loved playing with the sand, but decided try and eat it.

Going to the beach was also a new experience for Ben, he had never seen the sea before. This meant that we had to take him in there. So after we got the buggy across the sand close to the water. After we spend the time taking shoes and socks off all of us to go for a paddle. After all of that, Ben decided that he didn’t like the water and lasted ten seconds. It must have been too cold for him.


August has been a great month for us as a family, and as Family Friendly Essex. We got the website up and running, and have really enjoyed documenting the places we have visited. We are still learning how to review and also finding our voice, but this is expected.

We hope that you have enjoyed this month with us, and would love to hear about your adventures as a family. If you know of somewhere great to visit in or around Essex, then please get in touch either by FacebookTwitter or using our contact page. We would love to hear about it.