Children's Farms Harlow

Children’s Farm Harlow

If you have been following this blog, then you’ll know that all three of us love going to a petting zoo. As we are from Harlow, then here is our list of children’s farms in Harlow, and the surrounding area.

Pets Corner Harlow

One of the nicest things about this venue is that it’s free and completely run by volunteers. They will always accept donations. It’s the donations that keep the place going. This is a fantastic place to go and is worth going to. But only if you need to pass a couple of hours. Read the full review.

Pets Corner Harlow, a children's farm harlow essex
Pet’s Corner Harlow is fantastic.

As well as petting the animals, you can also feed the animals. You can buy animal feed from the shop at pets corner. So make sure you bring change. There are loads of animals both inside Pets Corner and in the enclosures outside of the main venue. Pet’s Corner is one of our favourite children’s farms.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Ada Cole – Harlow is a lovely place. It offers close up experiences with Horses, Ponies and Donkeys. It’s free of charge, but of course, they accept donations as they are a charity. Read the full review.

There are so many Horses, Ponies and Donkeys. Located in either stables or lovely paddocks. One thing to note is that there could be a lot of walking for little ones who have only started to learn to walk. Also, some of the paths are on a gradient, that might be difficult for some.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole
Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole

We had a lovely time at Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole. We would suggest visiting if you’re already in the area. As there is not much to take up more than 2 hours, including lunch and a shop browse.

Ashlyns Farm Harlow Petting Zoo

Ashlyns Farm is a small petting zoo located on the outskirts of Harlow. We stumbled upon it, and love it. There is a rather large farm trail walk, with loads of opportunities to pet various animals. We have visited Ashlyn’s farm many times, as it’s great fun. Read the full review.

Ashlyns Farm Petting Zoo Harlow Essex
Ashlyns Farm Petting Zoo Harlow Essex

We loved Ashlyns, it was a great way to spend an afternoon. If the weather is great then it’s a fantastic option. We love all the animals, they are well cared for and are friendly.

We will be going back again soon, as we want to take Ben to the soft play as he loves throwing himself around and ball pits. Another reason we’re going back is that the shop located on site has loads of goodies for us grown-ups.


As you might have noticed if you visit this site often then you know we all love animals.  Currently there are only a couple of entries on this list, however we thought it would be best to start compiling a list for future use. As we come across more places in and around Harlow in Essex where you can see animals, and other petting zoos, then they will be added to this list.