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The Little Kitchen Epping

The Little Kitchen in Epping offers fun for both little ones and adults. When we say fun for adults, enjoy great food and a well-earned sit-down. While for the little ones they have well a toy kitchen and play area.

Easy to pass on Epping High Street, it doesn’t look like a child-friendly place. Yet, once the baby classes in Epping finish, parents pile in with pushchairs and for good reason.

The Little Kitchen for the Little Ones

Being named the Little Kitchen is fantastic. As there is actually a little IKEA toy kitchen inside. This is great for the little ones, as it keeps them busy while you can enjoy a well-earned sit down hugging a latte.

Being fenced off from the rest of the restaurant the children’s space is safe. Meaning that they can’t crawl out of site as easy. One less thing to stress about, and with our little one like Usain Bolt at the moment it’s relaxing.

little kitchen epping wall toys essex
As well as the Kitchen Ben loves to play with the toys on the walls.

As well as the little toy IKEA kitchen, there is a big box of stacking bricks and books. On the wall, there is a large moving wooden interactive puzzle which is great for baby sensory. Ben loves the play area and easily entertains himself, it’s so cute to watch.

The Little Kitchen for the Grown Ups

The Little Kitchen is great for adults, the food is fantastic and the coffee well it’s much better than Costa. The menu is a Deli style so that means great sandwiches. Becky recommends the Ruben, while Joe loves the Salt Beef Bagel. All Food is well priced and comes with a great service.

Another reason for parents to love it here, is that it’s a great meeting place for parents. The staff are great with children, not minding the mess and noise. The layout is perfect for the little ones with the dedicated play space. Adding to this, there are plenty of high chairs and a clean spacious baby change facility.


We love the Little Kitchen in Epping, we love the food and coffee, while Ben loves the kitchen and toys. Every time we go to Epping, we are bound to visit. The staff are lovely and is an incredibly family-friendly place to eat. To keep up to date be sure to follow their Facebook page.