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Pets Corner Harlow

Pets Corner in Harlow Town Park has always been a family favourite. We visit there at least once a month. It’s close, free and has everything we need.

Pets Corner is a small petting zoo. It’s located on the edge of Harlow Park. It has a variety of animals, considering it’s small size. There is everything from large fish to lamas. When people come to visit us we always suggest here as a quick and easy place to go. It’s very convenient.

While at Pets Corner

As well as petting the animals, you can also feed the animals. You can buy animal feed from the shop at pets corner, or from vending machines. So make sure you bring change. There are loads of animals both inside Pets Corner and in the enclosures outside of the main venue.

It’s important to note that some of the animals, such as chickens, ducks and cockerels are free roaming. So you might want to keep nervous children close. They usually keep themselves to them their self, it’s something to keep in mind.

Chickens, ducks and cockerels are free roaming.

You are not able to feed all the animals, due to them being on a special diet, or receiving some treatment. Another reason is that some animals do bite, the horse being one. So it’s wise to be cautious.

When you’re done inside Pets Corner, there are some enclosures outside the grounds. These usually contain the sheep and alpaca. They will ignore you and continue to eat the grass, but if you have some animal feed then that’s a different story. The sheep will come running over as if they haven’t eaten for weeks.

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Interacting with animals is always fun.

While feeding animals, I wouldn’t suggest having pushchairs too close to the fence. The animals stick their head through the fence and try to nibble everything. Ben almost lost a sock! It was funny, but I would think other children might not like that!


The Spurriers House Cafe also provides the nearest place to eat, but you have to buy food from there to use the outside eating area. You wouldn’t get asked to move on, but you get some looks. It would be better to bring a picnic, as there is plenty of outdoor space and the park is very nice.

Yummy food at the local cafe at Pets Corner.

There are further options for eating out while visiting Pets Corner. One option is the Toby Carvery located near the train station, which is a 5-minute walk from Pets Corner. It’s a rather large establishment, I would recommend booking a table if you’re planning to visit on a Sunday. It can get rather busy, and you could be waiting for a table for a while, or end up in the bar area, which isn’t great.

The second option would be the Greyhound pub which is next to the main car park. They are open 7 days a week, and I have never seen it get super busy. They offer a variety of different options. Priced with most main courses being under £10. The Greyhound pub also has a children’s menu, all coming under £5 each.

If you don’t want to eat in, and don’t fancy bringing a picnic, the Greyhound also provides a take-way menu. These options are not the most healthy, fried food such as burgers and hot dogs. Yet this is another option.

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At the time of writing this, they didn’t have baby change facilities or on-site toilets. Recently the toilet blocks near to Pets Corner has been rebuild. These have all the facilities required. If you are planning to eat at the adjacent cafe, they also have toilets, baby change and disabled toilets.

Pets Corner has an assisted toilet, with hoist facilitates. On inspection, this disabled toilet didn’t have a baby changing area.

Due to the nature of a petting zoo, you and your children are going to be touching animals. Pets Corner has many hand wash facilities. Although would still take along some hand soap, anti-bacterial wipes and gel. There have been a couple of times we have been when these have run out. Also sometimes children won’t wait to wash their hands before sticking their hand in their mouth!


Considering that it’s in the middle of Harlow Town Park, it can it should be incorporated into a larger day. It’s a short walk from the train station, around 10 minutes. It’s also close to the Town Centre, about a 20-minute walk.

Parking is a little bit of an issue, with the car park for Pets Corner being rather small. We have never been able to get a space at this car park, as it can only have 10 cars. Also all spaces of these spaces being reserved for disabled users.

Harlow Park Car Parking

The car park we usually have to use is the main car park for the Town Park. This is a rather large car park. There are plenty of spaces, some of which are marked bays, while the overflow carpark is loose gravel. The main car park is pay and display, yet is rather cheap considering that it’s the only option.

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The main car park does not have marked parent and child bays. But, you can park in the overflow car section and take up some extra space. The main car park is a 5-minute walk from Pets Corner, but the walk is gentle and uses park paths. So is accessible for both pushchairs and wheelchair users.


As I have said, we attend this place at least once a month. We only go here so often because we live about a 5-minute drive from there. It is a nice way to spend a morning or afternoon. Pets Corner, will not take up an entire day, so it’s best to incorporate it while doing other things.

All the animals have a personality.

One of the nicest things about this venue is that it’s free and completely run by volunteers. They will always accept donations. It’s the donations that keep the place going. This is a fantastic place to go and is worth going to. But only if you need to pass a couple of hours.You can see where else we went in August with our first monthly round up.