Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole

Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole

Redwings Horse Sanctuary is located just outside of Harlow. We decided to give it a quick visit as Benjamin, well all of us love animals.

Redwings Horse Sanctuary, Ada Cole – Harlow is a lovely place, it offers close up experiences with Horses, Ponies and Donkeys. It’s free of charge, but of course they accept donations as they are a charity. There are also facilities of a family visit.

There are toilet facilities provided, with a baby change and disabled toilet located within the visitor centre shop, while other toilets are located outside in the paddocks opposite the shop.

Animals at Redwings Horse Sanctuary Ada Cole

There are so many Horses, Ponies and Donkeys here all located in either stables or lovely paddocks. One thing to note is that there could be a lot of walking for little ones who have just started to learn to walk. Also some of the path is on a gradient, that might be slightly difficult for some.

Many of the animals loved to be stroked, as you can see Benjamins hand on the right wanting to fuss them.
Many of the animals loved to be stroked, as you can see Benjamins hand on the right wanting to fuss them.

Sadly we didn’t take many pictures while we were here, that doesn’t really matter, it just gives us an excuse to come back and photograph these beautiful animals.

Eating at Ada Cole

When arriving at Ada Cole the first place you’ll visit is the reception and visitor centre. On walking through the small shop, you can find the little cafe.

The cafe at Redwings Horse Sanctuary is very small, and don’t really offer much in variety. You’ll be able to get various drinks, cake, toasted sandwiches and most importantly cream tea!

Due to the small size of the cafe, they only have a single high chair. So if you have twins or are in a larger group then you’ll have to have babies on laps. It was quiet when we arrived so Benjamin was the only little one. We would have been prepared as we had out Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat in the car boot. Really recommend getting the booster seat. So much so we’ll write a review soon as it has helped us out so many times.

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Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole Cafe
Benjamin enjoying a pom bear in the cafe at Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole

Another thing to consider is to possibly leave push chairs outside as there isn’t much room around the tables either. If you would rather stay outside and eat, or you have brought your own food. There are plenty of outdoor seating and tables, if the weather is on your side would be a lovely option.

Have made the assumption that they don’t take card payments in the cafe, as I didn’t see a card reader. However this might not be the case, but just be cautious and take cash.


We had a lovely time at Redwings Horse Sanctuary – Ada Cole. We would suggest visiting if you’re already in the area. As there is not much to take up more than 2 hours, including lunch and a shop browse.

So please come down to the Redwings Horse Sanctuary at Ada Cole. Give them a donation so that they can continue their fantastic work. Everyone will love seeing these majestic animals being loved and cared for the way that it should be.

We will be defiantly be visiting again, for a couple of reasons. Firstly it’s free (however donations accepted), and secondly we love animals. All our best days out seem to centre around animals.

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