London Wing Fest Chicken Wing Festival

Festivals are always fun and are even better when food’s involved. While London Wing Fest is not aimed at children or even in Essex it is worth a mention. Chicken wings and good company make a great family friendly day out.

What is London Wing Fest?

London Wing Fest is a food festival held every year in London. It’s an event that’s all about chicken wings and their adventurous flavours. It’s a celebration of street food style servings. It attracts chicken wing outlets from London and beyond all competing to be the best.

There is a wing for everyone.

At Wing Fest, each caterer has a booth, where they each serve up a Wild Wing and a Buffalo Wing. Throughout the weekend votes get collected and the winners announced.

As well as chicken wings, there are other booths to get desserts and drinks. Though this is not the main focus of the event. They also have live music and shows going on throughout the weekend. This year there was a fairground ride and wood sculptures using a chainsaw!

Our Wing Fest History

I have been to London Wing Fest twice, but Becky has been for five out of the six years that it’s been running. It’s always a great day out, yet this year was different. On previous occasions, we have not been with a child, and with Ben, we still want to go out and visit things aimed at adults.

The venue can get very busy.

So this year we decided to go and take Ben along with us. We were not disappointed, they catered to families very well. As a young family, we don’t always want to be doing child events!

Sometimes we will want to go out and have a sense of normality in the places we used to visit. Yet, if we are going to an event, we still will need facilities to cater for Ben.


Wing Fest is always held in London. This year Stratford was the host (so we have included it as a place for Family Friendly Essex). Stratford is easy to get to from Essex, as it’s on the main line from Essex into central London. It is also on the central line, which made for easy access for use from Epping Station. There is the platform to street access at this station.

Driving is also an option to get to Stratford, thought traffic can sometimes cause an issue. Parking can also be a little on the expensive side. The only parking I’m aware of is inside Westfield shopping centre.

To get to Wing Fest, we had to walk a short distance from the station, through Westfield shopping centre. The location was inside the Olympic park, close to the river. There were stairs down to the event from the bridge and the only elevator was not in use. This meant that we had to cross the river, walk a little further then cross back the river to reach the venue. Not a massive issue, as it was a lovely day and we arrived early so had time to kill.

Tickets and Entry

We decided to get the Early Bird tickets, which allowed us to get entry with the first wave of people. This means more time to eat chicken wings!

Everyone who enters gets a free hat.

Having an early bird ticket allowed us to find a place to create a nest for the day as we had Ben. The early bird tickets cost us £22 each, and were free for under 12s so Ben got in for free. Every ticket came with a free hat!

Those without early bird tickets could only enter after 1:30 pm. The entry is like most events now, with a long queue, and bag searches. These take a while, and always seem to be longer than they actually are. As we had Ben and all of his cavalry with us, the search took a little longer, yet everyone was ok with that because hey, there’s a baby.

Family Friendly Facilities

The area chosen by the organisers this year was great for space but didn’t come equipped with much shade. Yet, they did a fantastic job to ensure those bringing children had somewhere to protect them from the 31-degree heat. This included a large breezy tent with cushions on the floor (in the true spirit of all baby related class). A few chairs would have been nice. Yet it did allow for more people to use the tent so it was better in the long run for the majority. It was so cool in this tent that even those without families were trying their hardest to find a spot. Luckily the area was reserved for those with families.

They set up a family area full of shade and seating.

The toilet facilities were portaloo based. These included easy access baby change portaloos. They were nice and clean so no qualms to have there.

The organisers did not allow any food or drink to be taken into the event but made allowances for baby milk and food. They also set up drinking water taps around the site because of the heat!


We will be going to London Wing Fest again next year in 2019. We have always had a great time at Wing Fest, and the food is amazing! This year we saw that Wing Fest takes families into consideration. On previous years we didn’t need to consider this. Many events can learn from London Wing Fest, and make everything family friendly.

They had a fun fair ride there this year, hope to go on it next time.
Nearer the time, we will share when the tickets for Wing Fest 2019 go on sale. We would love for you to be able to go and enjoy the great food and atmosphere. Follow us on social media and sign up for our email subscription to stay up to date. You can also follow London Wing Fest on Twitter and Facebook.